Video Lessons

1. Preface

2. Introduction

Lesson 1: You Are Not Your Sport

Lesson 2: You Are Forgiven

Lesson 3: This Is A One Way Love Affair

Lesson 4: The Journey

Lesson 5: Sport Is A Chapter In Your Life

Lesson 6: Letting Go

Lesson 7: Finding Your Purpose

Lesson 8: The Vision In Your Mind

Lesson 9: It’s Safe To Fail Sometimes

Lesson 10: Your Purpose Statement

Lesson 11: Your Values

Lesson 12: It’s Within You

Lesson 13: Your Five Closest Friends Are?

Lesson 14: Habits and Choices

Lesson 15: Doing What You Should Be Doing

Lesson 16: Are You On Track or Off Track?

Lesson 17: I’m Awesome

Lesson 18: You Have 3 Life Segments

Lesson 19: What’s Your Plan B?

Lesson 20: Ask For Help

Lesson 21: Drilling Down

Lesson 22: Chunking Down

Lesson 23: The Number 5 & 3 Awesome Things

Lesson 24: Learning New Tricks

Lesson 25: Adjusting Is Life

Lesson 26: When The Cheering Stops