My Sport and beyond journey


“My Sport and Beyond Journey”

If you’re involved in any sport at any level, 

this course will enable you to find your purpose outside of your sport, 

help you create your values and give you some life lessons 

to help you plan and prepare for live during and then life 

after your sporting chapter.

Available in both Video and Audio.

About Bruce Hultgren​

Founder of GOYA Sport


A very unique human being, with a vast array of experiences and one heck of a story so far.


From being bullied during his educational years to the point of seriously considering suicide at the age of 17. He found his sanctuary in basketball, he eventually grew physically and played in Australia’s Professional League – The NBL (National Basketball League) for a period of 8 years.

He developed a systemised basketball program for kids and as he funnily tells the story, took it to America where this old white guy was teaching American kids how to play basketball.


While living in America he also launched his PocketAngels business. This was developed following the tragic loss of his eldest sister in a plane crash. Expansion was fast and hundreds of thousands of PocketAngels found their way into over 150 retail outlets up and down the West coast of the USA. There was also tens of thousands of PocketAngels that made their way to war zones through support efforts in the USA for the troops.


Upon returning back to Australia, Bruce and his family got a rescue dog – and he’s very cute! But after a while, Bruce got concerned about throwing these countless plastic bags into the bin with his dogs waste in them. So he set about fixing this problem. He sourced a dog bag made from cornstarch, it is completely compostable, and he named the business “OH CRAP”.

He branded himself as the Chief Crapologist and to date this business has saved over 5 million plastic bags from landfill and counting….



Forever a sports guy, Bruce’s passion for personal development and wanting to coach and help influence millions, started him on the journey of wanting to develop an App that people could use for their life, away from social media.

GOYA stands for Get Off Your A**

and in true Bruce style – it’s funny, so it stuck.

The GOYA Sport App is the result of many years of research, work and programming.

These courses were developed to help and inspire his fellow human beings.

Bruce experienced first hand what it was like to be a high level athlete and then not be one. Having to learn how to slot back into society and find his purpose.

He eventually realised that were was no support of this kind for the masses, so he basically said “Why Not?” And got to work on developing the

My Sport and Beyond Journey” Program.


The same can be said for

“I Feel Like I Don’t Belong”

When Bruce realised that MANY he’d crossed paths with, including his own wife and kids, had felt and experienced these feelings of not belonging, but upon researching the internet,

found that there wasn’t a support program or actual course for the millions around the world who need to see/hear these lessons.

So again, he said “Why Not?” and got to work.



Bruce is NOT a professional psychologist!

Everything in these courses has been written and presented as a gift to fellow human beings.

It is NOT professional advice in any way, shape or form.