My Sport and Beyond Journey

Your Personal Journey Masterplan

From the beginning, every athlete knows at the back of their mind that their athletic career will not last forever. 
It doesn’t matter how good you are; one day you will no longer be good enough or your body will simply say “enough”. 
No matter your age, ability or the level you achieve in your sport,  we all go through the same emotions.
It’s not who we are, it’s what we love to do and it’s our passion.
You… are not your sport!
You are a member of the human race who has chosen to compete in a sporting arena for a chapter in your life journey.
As an athlete, it is important to feel confident about your future so that you can focus on the present and perform at your best. 
But when you are so focused on training and competing, you can lose track of who you are and what makes YOU unique.
The earlier you start to think about your life journey after your sport, by devoting some time to complete this course and prepare, the better off you will be for the rest of your life journey.
There is a HUGE need for a course like this, so…. Here it is!
Each lesson has been designed for you to take action quickly and easily, to create positive habit loops, to make great progress and to feel a level of accomplishment upon completion. 
These lessons are designed to help YOU on YOUR JOURNEY. 
Your life journey is unique to you and you alone. 
Thanks for being here.

Sample Lessons Below​

Lesson 15: Doing What You Should Be Doing

Lesson 2: You Are Forgiven

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